Power Purchase Agreement Solar Minnesota

Power Purchase Agreement Solar Minnesota: A Guide for Businesses and Homeowners

Solar power has become increasingly popular in Minnesota, with more and more businesses and homeowners looking to make the switch to renewable energy. One way to do this is through a power purchase agreement (PPA), which allows consumers to buy solar power from a third-party supplier. In this article, we will explore what a PPA is, how it works, and its benefits for businesses and homeowners.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement?

A PPA is a contract between a solar energy provider and a consumer, where the provider agrees to generate and sell electricity to the consumer at an agreed-upon rate. The provider is responsible for installing and maintaining the solar panels, and the consumer agrees to purchase the electricity generated by the panels for a set period of time, usually 10-20 years.

How Does a PPA Work?

A PPA is a way for businesses or homeowners to access renewable energy without having to invest in solar panels themselves. Instead, they pay a fixed rate for the electricity generated by the solar panels installed on their property. The solar energy provider, who owns and maintains the panels, receives the revenue from the sale of electricity and assumes the risk of any maintenance or repairs needed to keep the panels operating efficiently.

Benefits of a PPA for Businesses and Homeowners

There are several benefits to choosing a PPA for businesses and homeowners interested in solar energy:

1) Cost Savings – With a PPA, consumers can lock in a fixed rate for electricity, avoiding the volatility of traditional energy markets. This can result in cost savings over the life of the contract, as the cost of electricity from traditional sources is likely to increase over time.

2) Lower Upfront Costs – A PPA requires little or no upfront investment by the consumer, as the solar energy provider owns and operates the panels. This makes it an attractive option for businesses or homeowners who do not want to make a large capital investment in solar energy.

3) Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) – In some states, including Minnesota, solar energy providers can earn RECs for the electricity generated by their solar panels. These RECs can be sold on the open market, providing additional revenue for the solar energy provider, which can then be used to lower the cost of electricity for the consumer.

4) Environmental Benefits – By choosing a PPA, businesses and homeowners are supporting the development of renewable energy, which reduces reliance on fossil fuels and helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


A power purchase agreement can be a great option for businesses and homeowners looking to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy without the upfront investment. With a fixed rate over the life of the contract, cost savings, and environmental benefits, a PPA can be an attractive option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and take control of their energy costs. So, if you`re interested in solar energy, consider a PPA as a way to go green and save money.

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